Microgaming is the oldest of all online casino software providers, having gotten their start all the way back in 1994. Microgaming are credited by business experts as being the catalyst for its internet casino revolution, having spearheaded the very first online casinos in the mid-nineties. Now the Microgaming name is as important as ever, and the brand are still generating cutting edge, ground breaking and award winning internet casino games.

In the UK, Microgaming casinos have been sought after, with many experienced players often preferring to play at mobile casinos that use (at least in part) Microgaming software to power their casino. Many novices also prefer to start out with Microgaming casinos, either online or on their mobile devices, as they find this grandmaster of their sector reassuring and dependable. We record all the best Microgaming casinos UK gamers are searching for, in an easy to scan or read format, complete with safe and secure links. With all our favorite Microgaming casinos, we comprise in-depth reviews Including extensive coverage of the following key factors:

  • Range and thickness of Microgaming games
  • Mobile and reside Microgaming options
  • Security, safety and overall reputation
  • Customer service (24 hour capacities )

Our Microgaming casinos listing is the ideal place to begin if you are looking to sign up with your own first mobile casino or, if you’re an experienced online casino player, searching for something new that is also reliable and of the maximum quality you can have a look at new UK online casinos offering Microgaming.

So how good is Microgaming software?

Microgaming slots is considered by many industry experts to be the very best casino website software there is. While the brand had more than its fair share of detractors, particularly when other newer online casinos software providers began to appear, they have stood the test of time.

In fact, Microgaming did the opposite, and kept developing new games, new technology and new ways of designing virtual casino games. This constant demand for innovation is among the chief reasons why the internet casino market has managed to keep moving from strength to strength within more than two decades.

Microgaming games are also among the highest when it comes to RTP (Return to Player) percentages, with the vast majority of their matches coming in at well over the 97th percentile. Microgaming were one of the first online casino software brands to provide two distinctive casino gambling choices.

For gamers that still preferred to download the complete gaming pack of a software brand, Microgaming offered their own cutting edge Viper platform. The Viper platform allows entry to Microgaming’s complete range of games ranging from their best progressive jackpot games, slots, table games like blackjack, roulette, video poker and many others. Viper allowed gamers to fine tune their online casino gaming experience by allowing them to adjust different user parameters, such as game rate and various other elements.

However, not all casino gamers want to download a complete gaming suite to their desktops, because of space problems or just not liking the concept of downloading software from the internet. For these kinds of players, Microgaming created their own exclusive Instant Play or Flash casino called Quickfire. This stage makes it possible for players to easily access a broad selection of Microgaming’s finest games without the need to download any software to their desktops. All Quickfire games may simply be played directly from their preferred internet browser.

Microgaming have been responsible for several inventions within the online casino industry and have won a ton of awards through the years. Though the actual number of industry awards are simply too many to mention here, we thought it’d be interesting to at least give you a cross section of what this may software manufacturer has accomplished through the years.